Does your manufacturer even know their food isn't natural!?

When I was developing Greenacres I made a dreadful discovery. A discovery that I believe will shake up the pet food industry. I had specified to our suppliers that all ingredients should be 100% natural with absolutely no artificial additives. The sample product was produced and tested and all seemed fine with dogs loving it. When I asked the suppliers to confirm the natural claims we were making on our packaging I received a call that shocked me.

I was told that whilst no additives are added to the ingredients, most pet foods manufactured in the UK are made using ingredients that already have artificial ingredients added(such as chemical preservatives). This is why other manufacturers will say things like 'no added artificial ingredients' - they haven't added any but of course their suppliers have!

I was disgusted and said that I wanted an honest food to sell to our customers. Our suppliers were then set the task of sourcing nothing but 100% natural, preservative and chemical free ingredients. It took us over 12 months to develop and test, and we’re incredibly proud of our finished product.

Our customers can now feed GreenAcres knowing it genuinely contains nothing but the most wholesome, truly natural ingredients.


Rebecca Spragg

Rebecca Spragg - Greenacres Nutritionist